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This Is Cherif Helping Investors, Developers, Fund Managers, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Or Literally Anyone Looking To Solve Their Capital Problem!

This Is Cherif Helping Investors, Developers, Fund Managers, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Or Literally Anyone Looking To Solve Their Capital Problem!

2nd July, 2023

Cherif Cracked the Code on Guadalupe’s FUND LAUNCH!

In OSJ, Guadalupe worked with Cherif to map out her strategy to develop her land projects across the southeast US and in Mexico.

The plans are in place and now her structure is complete to start pitching to her investors and raising the funds needed to break ground!

We are impressed with her progress and thrilled to watch her scale her portfolio.

She is a Developer and now a Real Estate Fund Manager launching her RegD!

What happens when a successful commercial real estate investor decides she wants to scale her portfolio and quickly increase the NNN retail buildings she has under management??? She reaches out to the nation’s expert on structuring RegD real estate funds and immediately sets up.

Maya met with Cherif Medawar to learn his Capital-Raising Secrets and become an expert in her private placement documents so she is credible and confident when working with her investors.

This new RE Fund Manager spent the entire day with Cherif at his home in LA prepping her plan to LAUNCH her Fund next week.

Cherif gave her the exact plan to create profitable deals (NNN) for the portfolio, he gave her the strategies & pitch deck to Raise capital, and he outlined a solid Compliance, Marketing & Management plan to implement, long term, for the success of her investors and her projects.

24th June, 2023

23rd June, 2023

Cherif woke up early to hit Cristo St. and check in with a few of his tenants. And then he met up with Mark, an investor who now lives in PR and is set up with Act 60. He’s ready to scale his business and get into some exciting new commercial projects!

Cherif spent an entire day working privately with Mark to ensure that his private placement was ready to rock! He will start raising capital for his projects in the State and in Puerto Rico!

He has set up a RegD 506c, has perfected his pitch, and has a marketing plan and compliance plan in place based on Cherif's system.

28th April, 2023

Cherif met with Eduardo, Paula & Juan Carlos at his office in Old San Juan to CRACK THE CODE on their PR based real estate fund! These new Fund Managers will be scaling their residential & commercial investment business by launching a RE Fund in May!

For the past 4 weeks, Cherif’s team and Securities Attorney have been working diligently to structure a Regd 506c fund that will scale their current business models and allow them to raise capital and invest in huge projects in on the island and across the country.

We are excited to be working through every detail and every page today to make them true experts in this creative Offering Package. They will be able to combine their consulting business with bigger projects. Huge upside!

Cherif will also cover: marketing, pitching and COMPLIANCE!

Joy Capital will be launching in the next 14 days!